Top POS Systems: Companies Invest in Employee Dining

In spite of corporate cut trends within the past few years, more and more companies during a sort of businesses are investing in onsite dining services for his or her employees, with a mixture of building new cafeteria facilities, hiring accomplished chefs, and implementing Top POS Systems. The explanations for doing this vary as greatly because the food selections and menu options offered, and range from increased productivity to employee recruitment, retention, and enhanced quality of life.

In a deliberate effort to draw in employees to onsite dining, it isn’t uncommon for companies to rent highly accomplished chefs with culinary degrees and restaurant experience to work their cafeterias. Tasked with providing staff members with a pleasant mealtime experience, these thoughtful chefs plan and prepare highly appealing menus, which may include everything from comfort foods, sushi bars, made-to-order grills, and fresh local produce. Not measured by cost control metrics alone, these chefs gauge success by the participation rate within the company cafeteria. Accomplishing a high participation rate frequently requires an innovative menu, so the employee doesn’t get bored with meal choices. An honest Top POS Systems can help cafeteria management track sales activity for every food and beverage item, and make menu adjustments accordingly.

Productivity may be a big reason for investing in onsite cafeterias, coffee bars, and snack areas, as productivity increases when employees stay onsite to dine, rather than leaving the power to hunt other options. When located during a remote area, where leaving the power at mealtime is logistically not feasible, a corporation may elect to supply onsite dining as a healthier alternative to vending machines and packed lunches. Some companies place stress on healthy eating, as healthy food helps employees stay healthy, which helps to enhance productivity and reduce health care expenses. Top POS Systems are ready to manage discounted pricing on healthy menu choices, further encouraging healthy eating choices.

Speed and convenience is another vital factor in the company dining experience. Cashless payment methods and options are, therefore, becoming more in demand, usually with the power to present an employee badge as a sort of payment for the purpose of purchase. Managed through Top POS Systems as either an employee payroll deduction to be deducted from a future paycheck, or as a drawdown declining balance, which is pre-loaded beforehand of creating food and beverage purchases; cashless payment is perceived by employees in the least levels as a valuable benefit and convenience. When employees can present the badge they already carry as a sort of payment, they do not have the necessity to hold cash or credit cards as they move about the power. Frequently, this convenience means the difference between having the time to enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal versus a skipped lunch or breakfast. Cashless payment also translates into a rise in add on food and beverage purchases, when the worker happens to possess only five dollars in their pocket that day.

Cloud technology and Top POS Systems operating on a mobile device like an iPad extend the convenience of cashless payments to the outside when outside seating is an option in warm climates or within the spring and summer months. Mobility is becoming an increasingly standard component of retail POS technology, especially POS on an iPad for order taking.

From the high tech industry to manufacturers, and from small to large-sized firms – any company looking to reinforce employee benefits, improve worker productivity, or offer quality onsite dining experiences may look to the corporate cafeteria; where Top POS Systems technology and mobility through a POS iPad can make a chef’s vision for an attractive menu a reality.


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